Stocks fluctuate heavily



Stocks witnessed frequent ups and downs in their prices in early trading Tuesday in a show of lack of trust among the investors.

The general index of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DGEN Index) shed 22 points or 0.43 percent to reach 5,202 at 1:20pm when the report was filed.

Of the issues traded on the country’s premier bourse, only 60 advanced, 171 declined while 15 remained unchanged.

Total trade equalled 50,801 while its value was Tk 149.16 crore.

After trading resumed at 11:00am, the DGEN saw a quick gain of 38 points to reach 5,263 in just five minutes. But over the next five minutes it slid to 5,198 points.

The next five minutes, again, saw a rise of 64 points only to witness another fall over the next 10 minutes.

During the next two hours, the DGEN saw four similar rises and three falls.

Earlier on Monday, stocks returned to the black after a joint monitoring team of the Securities and Exchange Commission and DSE visited brokerage houses to stop panic sales.


The DGEN went up 160.14 points or 3.16 percent to close at 5,225.31 Monday. On the previous day, the index plunged 308.13 points or 5.73 percent on Sunday.

Source: Daily star

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