Five new items included in 61 for duty-free access to India



Five new items have been included in the revised list of 61 items, against which duty-free market access to India has been sought, a senior official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Potato, MS (Mild Steel) Rod, Bar Angle, lubricant oil and Coriander seed are the new items included in the revised list.

Items like soybean oil, palm oil and aviation fuel, which were included in the original list of 61 items, have been dropped from the revised list considering their lesser prospects in export earning, a trade official said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) last week sent the revised list of 61 items to the Indian government for duty-free access. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is expected to announce the market access facility for 61 Bangladeshi goods during his upcoming visit, the official in the MoFA added.

“We have sent the new list to the Indian government through Indian High Commission in Dhaka,” a high official in the MoFA said.

“We are expecting a positive announcement to be made by the Indian Premier during his maiden visit to Bangladesh, scheduled for September 6,” the official said.

Both the original and revised lists of 61 items were prepared by Bangladesh Tariff Commission under the Ministry of Commerce.

Of the 61 items, 49 are apparel products (readymade garment).

The main RMG products are: men’s or boy’s trousers, women’s or girl’s blouses, girl’s skirts and divided skirts, overalls and shorts for boys’, girls’ and women’s, men’s or boy’s cotton nightshirts and pajamas, women’s or girls’ night dresses and cotton pajamas, swimwear for boys, girls and women, tracksuits, made-up clothing accessories and brassieres of all types of textile materials.

Other items include natural rubber (smoked sheets), toilet or facial tissue stock, sanitary napkin, paper or paperboard labels of all kinds and silk fabrics.


Bangladesh enjoys duty-free access of all but 480 items to India under the Trade in Goods Agreement of South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA). The 61 items concerned are currently under the sensitive list of India.

MoC officials said currently trade is heavily tilted towards India as Bangladesh has a trade gap of over US$ 3.0 billion with India.


Source: Financial Express

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